Boardshort Karma Pocket


If you’ve surfed around the world, you have seen it. Tides that bring in heaps of plastics and cover otherwise pristine beaches. Crystal clear blue waters, that are filled with bottles, and single use plastic bags. You’ve duck dived only to resurface with a piece of trash clinging to your face.
Years ago in Indonesia, we began collecting small bits of plastics while surfing and filling our pockets while waiting in the line up. The idea is simple: help the ocean and the ocean will help you, maybe with the best wave of the day or just with a good feeling.

Introducing the Karma Pocket: “Plastics Go Here”. We know, it’s just a pocket, but by giving it a purpose other than carrying your wax, maybe we can all make a little difference. Next time you’re floating patiently and see some plastic, grab it, put in the pocket and zip her up. Then, just sit back and wait for Mother Earth  to return the favor by granting you the perfect set up on the wave of the day.

Those bits of recycled plastics are what we made your shorts out of.

The Repreve fiber technology is made from bottles collected within 50 kilometers of coastlines in countries or areas that lack formal waste or recycling systems.

What comes around goes around.


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