Hemp shirt with coconut buttons


– Hemp fabric
– Inside print
– Coconut buttons
– Regular fit
Years ago if someone had told us that we could wear hemp, we would have looked at them with bloodshot eyes and said, “no way bro”.The reality though is that this incredible plant has been recognized as a source of exceptionally durable and tensile textile fibers for millennia.
Not only is hemp fabric not susceptible to shrinkage, it also boasts a high resistance to pilling. Slightly thicker than cotton, it’s also undoubtedly more durable. While a typical cotton shirt may last 10 years at best, a hemp shirt can easily double or triple that lifespan. In fact, as it ages with typical wash and wear, it relaxes into the perfect fit.Our hemp shirt is made from organic hemp fibres from the cannabis sativa plant. Yeah, the same sh*t as marijuana!
The regular fit makes the shirt suitable for almost any occasion you could find yourself in. Button up or unbutton as you please to match your mood and the environment.It’s bound to be your daily go-to. Just don’t smoke it!


To treat well your Blank Miles shirt:
– Gentle machine cool/warm wash
– Hang in the shade
– Iron gently
– Do not use for dusting
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