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Boardsock new model cream and clay



– Adjustable height with the new closing system
– Sizes: from 5’8 to 6’4, from 6’4 to 7’4, from 7’4 to 8’4
– Front zip
– Made of oxford canvas and leather
– Two colors, cream and clay
– Pocket for wax, wax comb and beach essentials


Blank Miles new model of boardsocks were designed with significant improvements. Now designed with a front zip to let your surfboard get in and out of the boardsock with ease, as well as let the fin of your mid length have the space it needs.
There’s a new closing system, designed for those who have more than one board. Thruster and singlefin can use the same boardsock. In fact, every bag can cover a different range of boards, from 5’8 to 6’4, from 6’4 to 7’4 and from 7’4 to 8’4.
Choose your size and look groovy down at the beach.

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